How to Login & Kroger Greatpeople

Kroger has a separate portal known as which can be accessed only by its employees. From this portal, the employee can view the latest happenings on the company.

Kroger Greatpeople is one of the great tools for employees to manage their work. All the information related to the employees is available on this website.

Once any people became part of Kroger, they need to access this portal to view all their employment information.

Kroger is the largest store that has enough employees to serve its huge customer base. Being the top company, Kroger offers several portals to manage the work effectively.

Likewise, Kroger uses a special portal (Express HR) to manage the recruiting process of their employees. Express HR & Greatpeople are the two different portals of Kroger which serves a different purpose for the employees.

greatpeople me

Do you want to apply to any Kroger Jobs? Then you could use the Kroger Express HR portal. portal is used to manage the work schedules, pay stub, benefits, and more information related to the employee work.

Now, let’s understand more about website and how to use them. Portal for Kroger Employees is an online portal that focuses on simplifying the employee work with various tools. This portal is basically useful for associates/employees who are working at Kroger.

On this portal employees can view all the necessary data for their work and even they could use this portal to learn new information to improve their role.

One more useful thing about this platform is better internal communication among the employees at different levels.

Employees can check their pay stubs, schedule, any announcements, total leave taken, number of available holidays, the latest update from the company, and many more are updated on this portal.

If you want to connect with the HR team, you can contact them directly from this portal. To make use of these features employees had to access their dashboard with their login credentials like user id and password. The Kroger customer satisfaction program asks the customer to share feedback opinions about the store cleanliness, banner promotions, and food quality with the company.

After you logged in successfully, you can access all the information which you want to know about from the side menu option. So make sure you have the necessary details with you to access this portal.

How to Access Kroger Greatpeople login

You might not be familiar with the website. As this website had recently changed and it might be new for certain employees.

So follow our guide on how to use the Kroger Greatpeople portal to access your employee information and more.

This portal can be accessed from anywhere, check the below procedure.

How to Login Greatpeople me kroger employee login portal
  • The first thing you need is your USER ID and Password.
  • If you had not received Enterprise USER ID and password from the manager? Kindly contact the store manager and get your id and password.
  • Open the official portal ( from any browser on your device.
  • Now enter the available details (Enterprise User ID & Password) on the required field.
  • Click on the “Sign in” button to log in to the platform.
  • In case if you want to change the password or forgotten the password then follow this link ( to reset the password.
  • Follow this link to submit your email to receive the complete instruction to reset your password and sign in to the platform.
  • Once you logged in, You can access all the employee information like work schedule, product offers, available discounts, work management, and more from the side menu.
  • Check your responsibilities and job roles directly on this platform. Also, you can refer your friends to join the Kroger with available vacancies in the store.
  • Employees can check their weekly work schedules.
  • Get notifications when you log in to Kroger portal.

We hope you follow the above steps perfectly and make use of the employment options which are available on this Kroger Portal. Related to this portal, Kroger takes customer feedback from the Kroger Survey Feedback site.

Reset User ID & Password

To access employee login, you need to know your Enterprise User ID and password. Without having these login credential you can’t able to access your account.

In case if you had forgotten the credentials or missed it, follow the below steps to get the user id and password information to your mailbox.

Quick NOTE: Customers can enter the Kroger Feedback every week and collect fuel points.

How to Reset Greatpeople password

To access log in, you need to use the password which your store manager had given you. If you have lost or forgotten the password follow the below steps to reset the password.

greatpeople me password reset
  • Visit the official website from any browser on your device(mobile or computer) ie., portal to recover the password.
  • You will see the website homepage with Login Box on the right side of the screen.
  • Click on the “Password Help” option. You can find this option near to the password field box.
  • Now a new page will open, which will give you some instructions about the password requirements, options to change/reset your password.
    • Use PassPort by Kroger to login to the company system. (This will work when you access it from the work location or any approved remote location and not from your home)
    • Set/Change/Reset your password by accessing this URL (
  • Now follow the instructions and enter your user id.
  • Click on the “Continue” button.
  • Answer the security questions to confirm the identity.
  • Now you will receive the reset instructions on your mail, follow the link to enter the new password and confirm it again.
  • Make sure you use the strong password which contains alphanumeric and symbols. Note down this password on any place which you are aware of.
  • Using the new password and your user id, you can access Kroger employee login portal.

How to Reset Greatpeople me UserID

We understand your problem, that you might want to reset your user id. There is no way to reset your user id. The only possible way to get back your user id is by contacting your store manager and requesting to share the user id with you.

Once you contact the administrative team about the recovery of user id, they will help you to get the user id back. Once you received the user id, you can use it to log in portal with the user id.

If you want to know about what is USER id, click on the link near to the “Enterprise USER ID”. You will get to know about the criteria for the user id. This will be helpful for you to understand better about the user id requirements.

Kroger employees are very much happy to work in this great friendly atmosphere which delivers the best features and a lot of improvement.

Kroger offers many benefit options, reward programs, and more when any of the customers participate in the Kroger Feedback.

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