About Kroger Money Services

Along with the retail store, Kroger also serves the Guest care & Money Services option for their customers. In this article, you get more details about the available options in the Kroger Money services. By using these services, you don’t need to visit any bank or ATM for all your banking needs like sending money, check to cash and using the debit cards to withdraw money at any store.

Customers can make use of all the services related to their need in wireless transfer, money order, bill payments, and check to cash at Kroger Money service stores. For all these services, Kroger charges a nominal fee for its customer but these charges are based on the amount. Use your shopper’s card to receive discounts and cashback fuel points when completing the Kroger customer feedback survey.

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To avail more discounts on your service, make sure you use your Kroger shoppers card during any service request with Kroger money service. You can save a lot more time when using your shopper’s card by saving the prescriptions, building a shopping list, getting more rewards, support non-profit organizations, and even more. Kroger supermarket also offers money services, kindly check the store for the guest care counter.

Kroger Money Services Details

Guest Care & Kroger Money Services is to help their employees and customers with the wireless transfer, money order, money transfer via western union, bill payments, check to cash and more.

Also, find detailed instruction on how to use Kroger VPN.

Below are the services which are offered at the store.

  • Check to cash
  • Pay bills
  • Card Cashing
  • Money Order
  • Send & Pickup Money

Check to Cash

If you have received any check payment, you can use the Kroger money services which offer check cashing service and receive cash on your account directly. Most of the checks from the government, tax refunds, business, and insurance settlement checks can be used to withdraw cash.

There are certain restrictions in using your check from the starter, personal and third-party checks. To verify your identity, submit your ID like driving license, resident id, military id, state-issued id, or passport to the representative for verification. Kroger employees need to access the express hr Kroger login portal to view pay stubs online, total compensation, direct deposit change, and other employee personal details and address change.

Charges for Check to cash service:

  • up to $2000 – A fee of $3 will be collected
  • $2,000.01 to $5,000 – A fee of $5.50 will be collected

Kroger Money Service: Pay Bills

One of the most commonly requested services is Bill payments. In Kroger money care, you can request any bill payment of your gas, electricity, cable and phone bills at any time. Customers can even pay their bills on the last date. If you want to avail discount on your payments, make sure you get Shopper’s Card from Kroger. You can also make payments using Check with Money Service.

customer using kroger money service

Card Cashing

Card cashing is a service in which you are making cash withdrawals from your debit card using the Kroger Money service. Since you are using their service to withdraw money, below we had listed the fee which they charge for their service. The maximum amount you can withdraw is $5,000.

If the customer had won any gift card from the Krogerfeedback program, then that can be used against the purchases only. The gift card amount can’t be claimed as cash.

Card Cashing Charges:

  • For Withdraw:
    • Up to 300$ – $3 / cash withdraw
    • $300 to $5,000 – $5.40 / cash withdraw

Money Orders

These options are available at the store. You have to visit your nearest Kroger Money Services store to place your request. Request any associates to make a money order to pay your bills, house rent and more. Customers can send up to $1000 per money order. If you want to pay more than $1000, you need to use your shopper’s card.

  • Money Order Charges – 69 cents will be charged (per money order).
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Send & Pickup Money

Being a partner of Western Union, customers can send money to any person in the world and also collect the money from any location in the world. By using this service, users can transfer their amount within 200 countries around the globe. Kroger Survey feedback claims to the top searched online survey program.

Working Hours of Kroger Money Services Store:

Below is the working hours for the Kroger Money Care stores:

  • Opening Hours: Between 7 AM to 8 AM
  • Closing Hours: Before 10 PM

These working hours vary from store to store, and we recommend you to check the exact store timings from the Kroger app using the locate option. Some stores will operate 24hrs a day and the operation of money services will be from 8 AM to 9 PM. After these hours, they will help you out with any solution to their problems.

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