Kroger Fuel Points Survey – Instructions

Kroger Fuel points survey is one of the reward programs.

Customers earn 50 fuel points when they complete a survey by answering the questions about their shopping feedback experience at Stores.

This article is for any people who want to understand better about the program and how to redeem the fuel points.

Also, customers can earn more rewards from this program. The only essential requirement is the customer should have a valid purchase receipt from any Kroger store.

There are more rewards you could win from this sweepstake program which includes $100 worth gift cards for 100 winners, $5,000 worth gift cards for one lucky winner and more digital coupons.

For all the customers who are participating in 50 fuel pt bonus surveys will get bonus fuel pts.

Anyone can easily enter the survey program and get a chance to enter the sweepstake program.

The winners of the sweepstake program will be selected only by lucky draw.

kroger fuel points

Kroger is one of the several retailers who love to hear customer feedback and opinions.

To get customer opinion, Kroger had launched a separate portal where they share several questions about the shopping experience.

By collecting the opinions, Kroger can use these data to improve the quality of the product, service quality, and understand the customer’s needs.

50 Kroger Fuel Points Survey

There 2 ways by which you can participate in the Kroger feedback 50 fuel points survey program is.,

  • Online Entry
  • Mail Entry

To win a free bonus of 50 gas points, you need to complete the survey. Below steps will guide you through to win reward points from Kroger.

Online Entry

  • From any available browser on your device, Visit the official Kroger Website –
  • Enter the necessary details (Entry ID, Date, and time of visit) from the purchase receipt.
  • Find the survey questions and answer them by selecting the appropriate choice and ratings.
  • Once you had completed the survey, now enter your personal details like., Name, Email & Phone number.
  • The reward will be added to the account(email/phone number). You can check your fuel points balance by contacting the store representative.
kroger fuel points survey

Mail Entry

Mail entry is one of the simple methods to participate in the Kroger customer feedback survey and earn 50 bonus fuel pt. Just follow the below steps to register your entry.

  • Write your details (Name, Address, Email id & Phone number) on the Postcard.
  • Now send this postcard to the below address:
    • Client Survey Monthly Sweepstakes,
      PMI Station, PO BOX 3547,
      Southbury, CT 06488-3547

How to Redeem your 50 Kroger Fuel points in Gas Station?

Whenever you complete any Kroger satisfaction survey you will get 50 Kroger Bonus fuel points on your Kroger’s Plus shoppers card.

All these points will be added and you can exchange these points at any of the below-listed gas stations.

  • Kroger Gas Station
  • Shell Gas Station
  • Turkey Hill Fuel Station

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Below are the detailed instructions to redeem your Kroger 50 bonus fuel pt:

  • After filling the fuel, before using Kroger plus card check the cash value on the screen.
  • To redeem your Kroger fuel pts on the card.
  • Scan the Kroger card using the machine reader.
  • Enter the plus card details on the screen or Enter the alternate ID which you might find at the backside of the Kroger Rewards.
  • Once your card details are processed, you will get different payment options on the screen.
  • Based on the available options you get discounts for the available fuel points on your card and get $.03/gal discount.
how to redeem kroger fuel points
  • To avoid misusage there are some limitations when using your credit card/debit card.
  • Also maximum discount available to redeem is $0.1 / gallon. ie., from one purchase a maximum of 35 gallons of fuel can be availed.

Kroger Store Locator

Using Locate option on the Kroger app or Kroger Store locator option you can easily find the Kroger store near you.

By using these several options anyone can easily locate the nearest Kroger store.

One more option is using Google Maps to find the exact location of the Kroger store. Get more details about the Locate option on Kroger Mobile.

Conclusion: This article provides complete information about the Kroger fuel points survey program and detailed procedure to enter the Kroger customer survey.

If you have any issues, feel free to contact the customer care service for any assistance. To get more updates related to Kroger, follow our website on

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